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Black Wheat

black wheat

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Fat 2.15 %
Protein 14.95 %
Carbohydrates 75.99 gm/100gm
Energy 383.11 Kcal/100gm
Gluten 14.32 %
Fiber 7.58 %
Calcium 6.22 gm/100gm
Iron 430 gm/100gm
Zinc 3.6 gm/100gm
Phosphorous 1.18 gm/100gm
Potassium 2.22 gm/100gm
Copper 0.43 gm/100gm
Magnesium 3.8 gm/100gm
Sodium 7.42 gm/100gm

Why Black Wheat is Healthier Then White Wheat?

White wheat may have eaten itself a lot, but do you know, black wheat is much healthier as compared to white wheat. Black wheat bread (Roti) has many nutrients and eating it also increases the body's immunity. Black wheat contains antioxidants, B vitamins, folic acid, Selenium, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc, Calcium, Iron, Copper, Potassium, Fiber, and Amino Acids, which make this wheat rich in nutrients. Let us know what the body gets by eating this bread (Roti). 

Reduces obesity :  Black wheat bread (Roti) is also helpful in reducing weight and eating black wheat bread (Roti) helps to stay fit.  Actually, eating black bread (Roti) does not cause hunger and in this case, we eat less food and due to which we are saved from overeating. Lack of over-eating causes weight loss.

Diabetes is controlled : If the diabetic patients eat black wheat bread (Roti), the sugar level in their blood is correct and diabetes is controlled. Apart from this, people who eat this bread (Roti) (Roti) daily are very less at risk of getting diabetes and they are protected from this disease.

Low blood pressure : Black wheat bread (Roti) proves to be effective for high blood pressure patients as well and eating it reduces high blood pressure. Therefore, it is said that if blood pressure patients eat these bread (Roti)s (Roti) every day, then their blood pressure does not increase and they get relief from high blood pressure disease.

Cholesterol Level Does Not Increase : Several researches on black wheat bread (Roti) have proved that eating it does not increase cholesterol level and keeps the heart-healthy. People who consume this bread (Roti) every day, their levels of bad cholesterol in the body start decreasing and the level of good cholesterol starts increasing. Actually, unsaturated fatty acids are found inside this bread (Roti) and unsaturated fatty acids are healthy for the heart.

Removes constipation : Black wheat bread (Roti) is considered beneficial for the digestive system and eating black bread (Roti) cures many diseases related to the digestive system. Not only this, people who have more complaints of constipation, if they eat black bread (Roti), then you give get relief and the stomach remains clean. Therefore, people suffering from constipation problem should include black bread (Roti) in their diet and eat this roti daily.

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